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Chaos String Quartet

Chamber music



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except Germany & Luxemburg

2nd prizewinner and winner of the special prize for the best interpretation of “Terra Memoria” by Kaija Saariaho at the

2022 Bordeaux International Competition


3rd prize at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich 2022


2nd prize and winner of 3 special prizes at Bartók World Competition 2021



“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


Founded on the principles of the rich concept of Chaos in the arts, science, and philosophy, the Chaos String Quartet is formed by Susanne Schäffer (Germany, Hungary), Eszter Kruchió (Hungary), Sara Marzadori (Italy) and Bas Jongen (Netherlands), four exceptional musicians that share the wish to take risks and welcome the unpredictable.


Recently awarded the 3rd Prize and the Scholarship of the Klingler Foundation at the ARD International Music Competition, as well as the 2nd Prize and the Special Prize for the best performance of “Terra Memoria” by Kaija Saariaho at the Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition, the Chaos String Quartet is quickly establishing themselves on the international music scene. Additional successes include the 2nd Prize and numerous Special Prizes at the 2021 Bartók World Competition and winning the International Premio V. E. Rimbotti in Italy.


The Chaos String Quartet was invited to music festivals such as the Davos Festival, the Ravenna Festival, the Gent Festival van Vlaanderen, Musica Insieme Bologna, Festival Academy Budapest, Festival del Quartetto Firenze, Lockenhaus, Wien Modern and the Heidelberger Streichquartettfest.


Mentored by Prof. Johannes Meissl in Vienna through the ECMAster program, the quartet additionally completed a postgraduate course at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole with the Cuarteto Casals. The ensemble received additional musical impulses from artists such as Eberhard Feltz, Patrick Jüdt, Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet),  András Keller (Keller Quartet) and Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartet).


The group has worked with artists such as Nicolas Baldeyrou, Alexander Ullman, Giampaolo Bandini, Avri Levitan, Hyung-ki Joo and Christoph Zimper. In addition, the Quartet had the opportunity to work with composer Helmut Lachenmann on his 2nd quartet, “Reigen seliger Geister”.

Furthermore, the quartet is a member of the Chamber Music Association Le Dimore del Quartetto and has been selected for the promotional program New Austrian Sound of Music.


The Chaos String Quartet is developing multi-art performances and for the season 2022/2023, can be heard on concert stages in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, and the UK.


Bas Jongen plays a cello by Hendrick Jacobs (Amsterdam, 1696), kindly loaned to him from the collection of the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation.

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